Fighting for our Farmers

18 AUG 2018 - 30 NOV 2018
In-Centre at Northbridge Plaza

Thank you for your support, together we raised $14,642.00.
A huge thank you to our wonderful customers and retailers for supporting our Aussie Farmers appeal run by the fabulous team at Northbridge Rotary Club.
Together we are able to Help our Aussie Farmers!!

In case you missed it but would like to donate , the Rotary Club of Northbridge is still raising much needed funds. You can donate by clicking on the below link!
Collections go directly to our Aussie Farmers.

It hasn’t rained in many months ... worst drought since 1902!
the crops are gone … the ground is parched,
The sheep are gaunt - too weak to walk …
a bale of hay … might do!

Farmers in many parts of New South Wales have reached desperation point!
They need YOUR help!

Every dollar helps!

For more information, please contact: Rob Coote on