Food & Drink

Your New Neighbourhood Food Store is here at Woolworths Northbridge

Inspired by a classic Italian delicatessen, the glass
cabinets at Woolworths Northbridge are brimming with cured meats, salami,
salads and antipasti from local and international
producers. All these delicacies are ready to serve,
the team can even  slice your meats just the way you like it – thick,
thin or shaved.
One of the teams deli favourites is the D’Orsogna sliced
honey leg ham served off the Bone, made from Australian
Jarrah Honey and Australian Pork. The D’Orsogna
family has been crafting authentic and flavoursome
smallgoods here in Australia for more than 67 years.
From a humble suburban butcher shop, D’Orsogna has
been in partnership with Woolworths for more than 60
years and has grown into a well-loved national brand.
The cheese section is also filled with goodies from
small and large local markets, as well as international
classics such as aged Italian pecorino, Swiss gruyère
and rich, creamy French brie. The olive section is worth
exploring too, with plump Sicilians, rich Kalamatas
and a wide variety of sliced, marinated and stuffed
varieties ready to enjoy.

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