Time to pack away your Winter quilt?

As the nights get warmer and your cosy Winter quilt begins to feel quite stifling, it's time to let it hibernate until the cool weather returns.

Here are our tips for storing your Winter quilt:

1.  Take your quilt to the team at Lawrence Dry Cleaners and have it cleaned and deodorised. It's recommended to clean your quilt every 6 months or swap it over seasonally.
2.  Store your quilt in a natural-fibre bag made of cotton or linen, this will allow it to breathe. Do not store it in plastic as this will allow it to become musty or form mildew.
3.  Store your quilt in a dry and cool place. It's best not to store them in attics or garages to avoid moisture and bugs.

Tips to keep your quilt fresh:
  • To stop the accumulation of dust mites, air your quilt in the sunshine monthly.
  • You can also freshen your quilt by vacuuming over it - place a stocking over the vacuum head to soften the suction power.
  • When you change your sheets, rotate your quilt to stop the filling pooling in the one spot. 

Contact the friendly team at Lawrence Dry Cleaning for a quote on having your Winter quilt cleaned on 9958 4414.