Hey Northbridge Let's Get Naked!

Did you know, the First Monday of each month is Naked Monday and you receive 20% Off in-store!!

*discount for members only. Membership is free and you can join on the day. 20% off is storewide but there may be some exceptions, please ask in-store. 

The Naked Story
Naked Foods Organic & Health Foods is all about “taking it off” and shedding the weight of today’s modern and often unhealthy diet. Eating clean is the hottest and smartest food movement of our time – it’s about stripping the unhealthy parts from your diet. It’s about unprocessed and unpolluted eating. “Undressing your diet exposes you to the very best nature has to offer.”

Founded in 2012, by entrepreneur Caique Ponzoni, Naked Foods had its start at local Farmers Markets in Sydney before Ponzoni realised there was a real passion and appetite from Aussies to eat better, be more informed and do their part to reduce their impact on the environment.

Naked Foods Organic Health Foods since then has been an integral part of the nude foods revolution in Australia which is all about natural food direct from nature and without the “unwanted dressings” of modern processing and packaging. Their packaging is simple and sustainable – brown paper bags, filled by scoop from bulk drums, weighed and sold. No excess to clutter our planet.

Customers are rewarded for moving towards a zero waste lifestyle, using your own packaging allows for a 5% discount any day at any time and the company is constantly seeking ways to become more sustainable, from suppliers, to in-store practices.