5 Breakfast In Bed Recipe Ideas For Mother’s Day

Is there anything more classic than breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day?
We’ve put together a special collection of our favourite recipes that are perfect for breakfast in bed.
Read below for five mouth-watering recipes to be enjoyed on Mother’s Day or any special occasion!

1. Berry French Toast

For a berry nice Mother’s Day surprise, you can’t go past this classic breakfast recipe. Simply whisk eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, and milk together in a bowl to create an ‘egg wash’, dip slices of bread into this wash, and cook on a frying pan until golden brown. Once cooked, mix a handful of berries into a coulis sauce on the side, or scatter the sauce lightly on top with some fresh berries and caster sugar to get that professional restaurant look. 

Berry French toast

2. Bacon & Egg Cups

Something a little different from the usual bacon and eggs is this adorable  recipe. The key ingredient for this is puff pastry, which makes the delicious little ‘cup’ shapes you see below. Once you’ve made the cup, add bacon and eggs into the well in the middle and bake! The result is miniature savoury muffins that are almost too cute to eat. You can melt some cheese on top too, which will ramp up the deliciousness even more.

Bacon & Egg Cups For Mother's Day

3. Croissant Platter 

Nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked goods in the morning — and the only thing better than one croissant is a whole tray of them! Grab some mini croissants (or full-sized ones cut in half) and create a buffet of different flavour combinations. You could do butter and jam for a sweet treat, ham and cheese for a classic combo or brie and prosciutto for something a little more gourmet. Arrange them beautifully on a tray and you’re ready to say ‘Bon Appetit’. 

Croissant Platter for Mother's Day

4. Ricotta Banana Pancakes

Pancakes are a foolproof option for any Sunday morning breakfast. This decadent pancake recipe tastes like something you’d eat at a fancy cafe, but it’s incredibly easy to make at home! Whisk together flour, sugar, egg, milk, baking powder, and salt as normal, and then add ricotta and banana into the mix. Lastly, feel free to serve with vanilla ice cream if you want to create dessert for breakfast. 

Ricotta Banana Pancakes for Mother's Day

5. Eggs Royale

This is a variation on the brunch classic, Eggs Benedict, but with a more gourmet spin. Just like Benedict, poached eggs are typically served on toasted English muffins and drizzled in Hollandaise sauce. But in this version, the ham or bacon is swapped out with smoked salmon. You can also add some chives or chopped dill on top to add some extra flavour and flair! 

Serve up these Mother’s Day breakfast recipes with a cup of coffee or some fresh orange juice and enjoy. 

Egg Royal for Mother's Day
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